Integrated assessment

Commitment to quality and upgrading

We are dedicated to the advancement of the sector. It is the results already achieved that guarantee our work. Health, production, economy and quality are the basis of business profitability.

Consolidated consultants

More than 25 years specializing in quality control and nutrition. Health and farm management. Silage technology. Collaboration with the university. Cooperation with other production countries.

Veterinary services

Diagnosis and treatment of mink diseases. Rapid and accurate diagnosis is essential in order to be able to understand the causes, carry out effective treatments and adopt preventative measures for the future. A multidisciplinary task which requires specialist veterinary management, the kind which is offered by Nupevet.

Bio-safety: Cleaning and disinfection of installations. Plans for disinfection and pest control. Disease control.

Specific plans for the fight against and control of Aleutian Disease (Viral Plasmacytosis of Mink).

Organisation of the ADSG-AGAVI health programme (Galician Mink Breeders’ Association).

Vaccination systems and vaccine import management. Storage and distribution logistics.

Quality guarantee

Nupevet bases the quality of its services on constant modernization and experience. Collaboration in international groups allows us to contrast and compare the results of our clients on a daily basis with those from other producer countries.

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