Integrated assessment

Commitment to quality and upgrading

We are dedicated to the advancement of the sector. It is the results already achieved that guarantee our work. Health, production, economy and quality are the basis of business profitability.

Consolidated consultants

More than 25 years specializing in quality control and nutrition. Health and farm management. Silage technology. Collaboration with the university. Cooperation with other production countries.

Alimentary control

Helping you to establish safe procedure protocols with your raw materials suppliers, offering clients the development of hygiene plans and specialized techno-sanitary and legal assessment.

Computerized formulation of feed allows you to provide your animals with feed that fulfils the requirements of each phase of the reproductive cycle at the lowest possible cost.

Quality control at the in-house Tecnicas de Nutrición laboratory offers experience, rapid response, and reliability rooted in 25 years of specialization. Get to know and prevent the hygiene risks of your products. Correct the deviations from the optimum nutritional levels of your feed.

Quality guarantee

Nupevet bases the quality of its services on constant modernization and experience. Collaboration in international groups allows us to contrast and compare the results of our clients on a daily basis with those from other producer countries.

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