Commitment to quality and upgrading

We are dedicated to the advancement of the sector. It is the results already achieved that guarantee our work. Health, production, economy and quality are the basis of business profitability.

Vocation of service to the sector

Many products can only be obtained abroad. Nupe facilitates access to some of these such as vaccines and the Danish farm management programme, the best internationally established programme of its kind: WinMink. The farmer also has at his disposal the structure of our organisation to carry out joint purchases.

Other product and services.

Complementary services for farm productivity and health.

  • The administration of the one-off importation of medicines for mink. Vaccines, and other medicaments....
  • The management of joint purchases of cereals and other dry foods.
  • Representatives in Spain for the company Morso Mink:
    • Morso drinking system ECO
    • Consult our product catalogue:

    • ID tags and their supports.
    • Example ID tags:

    • WinMink Programme for the genetic management of the farm.
    • See examples of screen shots of the programme:

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