Professionalism and multidisciplinary experience

The mink cycle is annual. Each stage of the production process forms a link on which the rest of the chain depends. Alimentation and genetics. Management. Higiene and disease prevention; diagnosis and treatment. Day to day monitoring of the farm. Farmer training. These are what NUPEVET services focus on.

Integrated assessment

Specialized technical assessment for farms and mink feed producers:

  • Veterinary services:
    • Health: DDD plans, vaccination, control of Aleutian Disease (Viral Plasmacytosis of Mink)..
    • Animal wellfare.
    • Diagnostic service.
    • Treatment and control of disease.
    • Organisation of the ADSG-AGAVI health programme (Galician Mink Breeders’ Association).
  • Nutrition:
    • Formulation of animal feed.
    • Optimization of the formula costs.
    • Quality control of raw materials, processes and feed which is ready for animal consumption.
    • Monitoring of farm results.
  • Management and technical administration of farms:
    • Production planning.
    • On-going monitoring of production (periodical visits, weighing plans, production strategies…).
    • Training (organization of courses, talks, conferences…).
    • Management of production data: Historical data, Printing of ID cards, programme to calculate genetic values.

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