About Nupevet


Integrated assessment

Professionalism and experience

Experience in the chemical and bacteriological quality control of raw materials and ready feed. Specialized services for prevention, diagnosis, and bespoke treatment in mink farms. Collaboration with both public and private research institutions. Specialist laboratory for quality control. The management and daily running of mink farms. Experience and collaboration with other producer countries. Attendance at the most important international forums.


Feed Formulation and Quality Control

Computerized formulation of feed and consequent cost optimization. Formulas adapted to the raw materials available and each of the phases of the mink cycle. The control and correction of deviations in "real" alimentation with respect to the ideal formula of feed. Quality control of hygiene in raw materials, conservation technology (silage). Vast wealth of documentary chemical and microbiological analysis of feed and raw materials. Laboratory specializing in the quality control of food for mink (in collaboration with Técnicas de Nutrición, S.A.).

Management and technical administration of farms

Information first

We deal with the day-to-day running of the farm. Taking a stake, together with our clients, in the challenge to constantly improve and innovate. We encourage the flow of information and how best to take advantage of it. Constantly searching for new resources to take on new challenges.